(Photo Source: mirror.co.uk)

‘Friend” actress rocks her amazing bikini body with no shame

Courteney Cox, the beloved Monica from the forever-favorite sitcom, Friends, recently celebrated her 55th birthday in June. And while we were excited and all about the annual celebration, what really had the internet talking was Courteney’s insane bikini body that was shown in an Instagram video posted by Cox only a month or so after her birthday.

As we age, we imagine that each of our bodies will age with us, but for Courteney, it appears the exact opposite has happened. Somehow Cox was able to go back in time with her looks, taking us straight to the Monica of the 90s, arm in arm with former spouse David Arquette.

So when we realized she was, in fact, celebrating being more than halfway to spending a century on each, she looked like she hadn’t aged a day.

Courteney was just seen in June celebrating her birthday with longtime BFF Jennifer Aniston, and while she looked incredible in the photos captured there, a video of her reverse falling into a pool has people talking for how amazing Cox looks not only for her age but also in general.