Just like your wardrobe and skincare routine, your makeup shade also changes during the summer. The sun is warmer and we’re out more than other months so naturally our skin darkens and our old foundation shade is no longer a good color match. Luckily there are ways to darken your foundation at home without having to break the bank and we’re going to teach you how.


You’ll need the following:

1. Foundation
2. Bronzer (should fit your undertones)
3. Bowl
4. Old foundation brush

Now follow these steps:

Step 1. Pour some of your foundation into the bowl. You only want to use a little bit so you can find your perfect shade without wasting all of your foundation.

Step 2. Scrape a bit of the bronzing powder into the foundation. Again, you want to do it little by little to avoid going overboard.

Step 3. Swatch the foundation on your face to see the color turn-out. Keep mixing until you’ve gotten the perfect shade.

Once you’ve figured out the perfect shade, feel free to mix a bigger amount and store it in a small sample container. You can even add SPF or or skincare like products like serum for added benefits to fit your skin’s needs!

(Cover image: Revlon.com)