We’ve all heard of beauty sleep and sometimes it seems like it’s just something made up from a Disney movie but it’s actually a real thing. Lack of sleep leads to blood shot eyes, dark and puffy undereyes, and even wrinkles around the mouth so sleeping is essential along with proper skincare products. Night time is not only good for sleeping but also a perfect time to care for the rest of your body as it regenerates itself and has ample time to do so. Check out our top ways to get the most out of your beauty sleep.


Sleeping Mask. If you have a specific skin concern and really want to concentrate a good amount of time on it, an overnight mask is the perfect thing to do while you sleep. It targets your problem area or concerns (like dry skin) and you wake up to a better skin condition.

Retinol. The eyes have the most delicate skin on your face as the skin is thin and prone to drying out easier. Retinol helps moisturize and smooth out fine lines for younger and brighter looking eyes.

Body butter. We often neglect our body skin so a heavy moisturizer is necessary at night. Body butters are extremly moisturizing and your skin will appear softer the next day.

Dry shampoo. We all know that shampooing everyday is bad so dry shampoo is a staple in many women’s beauty rountine but it works wonders at night. If you’re not planning to wash your hair the next day, spray on some dry shampoo to get rid of the oils while you sleep.

For additional beauty sleep tips, check out the video!