In the past few years or so (thanks Cara Delevingne), brows have become everything to a girl. From pencils to powders and serums, you can now have those brows you used to have prior to that plucking spree you went through in high school. The quickest and most convenient way to fake them is by using eyebrow gel as they give you a bushier and fuller look and need the most minimal effort to apply.

As much as we love eyebrow gel, it can get pretty expensive for a tube the size of your pinky finger. Lucky for you, it’s the most simple DIY you will ever make and we’ll tell you how it’s done.


What you’ll need:

Aloe vera or clear brow gel (E.L.F. has them for a dollar!)
Brow powder (must match your own brow color)
A small pot with a lid to hold the gel
An old, but clean, mascara wand

What you need to do:

Step 1. Measure a tablespoon of aloe vera or clear gel and place it in the pot.

Step 2. Take your eyebrow powder and scrape some in the pot with the mascara wand. Add as much as you need, there’s no right or wrong measurement.

Step 3. Place the lid on top and you now have your very own tinted brow gel!

Not sure if tinted brow is actually worth making? See the difference between clear gel and tinted gel in the video.