The long awaited fashion show set to hold in Shanghai China was suddenly called off just before the due date of the show. According to the people’s Republic of China, the Chinese culture was trivialized and made fun of in a campaign video uploaded on the company’s Instagram page of a lady using Chinese chopsticks to eat pasta and even pizza with vulgar words being used at the background mocking their culture.

The people of China treasure and respect their history and culture and they demand at least a certain amount of respect from foreign companies setting up in their country. This video from Dolce and Gabbana is quite insulting to the Chinese government.

Apart from the video, there was also leaked chats from one of the co CEO’s Stefano Gabbana using offensive words to describe China together with the poop emoji. This isn’t the first time that the company is having a controversy like this which may be one of the reasons for the rapid decisions of the Chinese people.

The company outrightly denied being responsible for the posts and claimed to have been hacked and they promised to be investigating the situation. The fashion show has unfortunately been postponed till further notice.