Nicole Miller, an American fashion designer and businesswoman who has a creative signature style for black and boldly colored materials focusing mainly on curves and necklines paid a visit to the twin cities. This fashion legend, who is known for her sexy, yet classic designs started her Friday morning in a clothing store in Minneapolis.

For someone to attain the stage of being called a fashion legend. He or she must have been able to make that solid statement in the design world and retain it for a long time. Nicole’s label has been a regular brand in the boutique for decades now. When asked how she stays relevant. She replied I think you have to always be reinventing yourself, so I am always trying to break out and do something different, something new and sort of not get type cast which I think is also a danger”

Apart from what she mentioned above. I believe that one of the best ways to maintain relevance as a fashion designer or business person is to make your service or product available to all. Nicole’s designs aren’t meant for some selected few, mothers and daughters can rock her clothes and still look good.

“I feel like people always feel young and they shouldn’t be saying, ‘Oh I can’t wear that anymore’ I never feel like I am designing for a particular age group. I feel like I am designing for more of a lifestyle and I think my customer is very modern and modern thinking.” She said

Her partnership with dugo during the Friday night FashionFest was what brought her to the twin cities. This event was to benefit the University of Minnesota Health Masonic Children’s hospital. This also talks more about Nicole’s philanthropic activities. She didn’t focus on the FashionFest alone but also took her time to tour the hospital during her visit.