With summer coming to an end, that only means holidays ahead. With Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day even, you name it… there’s probably food involved. We naturally eat the yummy things involved with those holidays, though they can cause weight gain. There are new slimming technology infused leggings that is promised to help you lose some leg fat that you may be trying to diminish. And seriously, there’s no working out or dieting involved.

Joyus leggings not only help you burn fat, but also tone your legs… and are three in one leggings. It’s like wearing leggings that will do the working out for you during the holiday time especially. The leggings are infused with Cedrol and caffeine, which oddly enough diminishes cellulite and reduces excessive flab. They are infused with ingredients that last about 28 days, so after you can wear them as a normal pair of leggings.

Leggings are a casual go- to for everyone, and they’re super comfy for whatever you’re doing whether you’re working out, or going for the athleisure wear look. Though they do retail around $80, most popular athletic leggings do cost more! They are also made out of neoprene, an expensive material but high quality. It’s definitely an interesting invention… and it’s sure to go crazy especially for those celebrities that are workout obsessed.