If you have an apple-shaped body, it can be tricky to find a swimsuit that will flatter all of your areas. Don’t let having an apple shape stop you from having your fun in the sun. After all, with so many different body types, you just have to flaunt what you have. Here is how to wear a swimsuit this summer and feel your most confident.

When shopping for apple shaped bodies, it’s good to look for swimsuits that have shearing on the sides, tummy-tucked lining, and blouse top styles. One swimsuit from “Athena” features a black silhouette with breathing room all around. It has a heavenly band line, and it goes with a banded bikini bottom. It can help distract your midsection if you’re looking to hide it. It’s great because black is a color that’s always in style and it makes you look instantly slimmer!

Another swimsuit from Athena is a gorgeous one-piece. Not only is there side sheering, but in the mid-section, it has controlled lining. It features a blue sweetheart neckline with a halter top to support your upper body, and the middle of the swimsuit features a red waistline. The pops of colors are great because it helps distract!

Another swimsuit by Lisa Vogel, is a chic tankini. It’s a blouse style top, but you can still show a little bit of skin. It is a gorgeous royal blue color and it features matching buttons and a gorgeous halter top with a gemstone. No matter what your body shape is, you can always look great as long as you feel great.