(Photo: Phil Oh)

Scandi street style

One of the best ways to upgrade your wardrobe is to explore new fashion trends. One of the biggest fashion trends is the Scandanavian street style with some of the biggest trends influencing Copenhagen Fashion Week. Here are some of the biggest fashion trends in Scandi street style.

White Jeans
White jeans are a cute alternative for blue denim that is offered in a variety of styles. Whether you opt for a skinny jean or oversized flares, it’s an easy color combo.

Colorful Suit
Wearing a two-piece suit can be great for a casual or formal occasion that you can also wear to the office. Wearing a colorful, bright two-piece suit is super fun for the summer and is eye-catching.

The Disney villain Cruella de Vil would definitely approve of this style trend that features half and half neutral colors. Split-tones are available in a variety of wardrobe pieces and are versatile with more pieces in your closet.

Matching Accessories
Matching shoes and handbags is an age-old style staple that is trending in Scandi street style. You can also match other accessories with the same color or prints with your choice of sunglasses, jewelry, or scarf.

Giant Bags
This practical fashion trend is great for the summer so you have a bag that’s great for travel and days at the beach.