Enjoy the spa with the comfort of home

The secret to flawless makeup is to take care of your skin with beauty treatments at the spa but can be pricey with limited scheduling. Forget about all the hassle and stay home to relax with these spa beauty treatments you can do at home.

Gua Sha
This alternative therapy incorporates a rose quartz crystal with a facial massage to help reduce redness and inflammation. Gua Sha promotes lymphatic drainage while giving yourself a relaxing facial massage.

Microneedle Roller
Rolling a bunch of small needles all over your face doesn’t sound too appealing but gives you the max benefits of your skincare products. The microneedles are offered in different sizes with the smaller microneedles that are less painful.

Paraffin Wax Hand and Foot Mask
This spa treatment will help to moisturize your hands and feet in warm paraffin wax that will also help to relax sore muscles and joints. Simply warm the paraffin wax, place in a gallon bag, let hand or foot rest in wax until it cools, remove wax, and rub in excess oils.

Henna is an age-old beauty treatment that comes from India, you can use henna for temporary tattoos, tinting eyebrows, and hair dye. You can use henna to achieve faux freckles that will be cute for summer.