For the girl that loves a little bit of a manly touch her style without looking too dapper (we’re talking to you, George Clooney), the oxford shoe is perfect. It’s versatile and looks just as good in flowy dress as it would with skinny trousers and an oversize knit sweater. But sometimes we have to admit that the shoe can be quite boring since it only comes in a few different versions so customizing it is the next best thing to do if you’re not up for buying a new pair.


Take those black oxfords and make them into two-tone oxfords by using one simple item: white nail polish. Nail polish is perfect as opposed to other coloring options because it has a nice bright finish. We’ve selected white because it’s a classic combo but you can go wild and go with a brighter color for the spring and summer months to come. Paint wherever you’d like whether it’s the front part, the heel, or the edges—it’s completely up to you.

Check out this tutorial on two-tone oxfords for some inspiration!