In this day and age, you can Live a crazy life on social media. Instagram is no longer just a place to post selfies but it’s now evolved into another way of seeing the world. Who knew that documenting your life could create a living.

With Instagram being one of the largest growing platforms, it’s no surprise that regular people can also make a living through social media. Some everyday people, celebrities or not, get paid so much it’s crazy … and here’s how much the top Instagram celebrities really get paid for a snapshot.

Selena Gomez
She is known for her class and elegance gaining over 140 million followers, it’s no surprise she makes a crazy amount through the app. Her army of fans, makes the singer one of the three most paid Instagram celebrities in the world. By posting one sponsored picture, she can make up to $800,000! She works with plenty of brands like Puma and Coach, willing to pay big bucks because of her audience.

Kylie Jenner
Only 21, she has really made a name for herself with Over 112 million followers, she makes $1 million per photo! She’s worked with detox companies, clothing companies, luxury brands, and of course… her own make up brand! Kylie cosmetics has made Kylie one of the youngest billionaires, talk about a net worth.

Cristiano Ronaldo