If you’ve already gone to enough holiday parties this month, you most likely aren’t looking forward to the last of them which is New Year’s. You’ve exhausted all of your sequin dresses or separates so going all out may not be an option. But don’t fret, dressing down is an option and you’ll feel more comfortable doing so.

Check out these 3 ways to dress down while still looking chic.

loose-pants-white-sweaterThe slip dress. Usually when we think of slip dresses, usually Kate Moss or looking sexy is what generally comes to mind. Slip dresses tend to be of thin material and usually have some type of lace accent which makes them extra flirty. Bring it down a notch by throwing a moto jacket on top along with some ankle strap heels. You can switch out the heels for something more comfortable if you’re going to be dancing but the heels really tie the look together.
Loose pants. If you’re a bit of a daredevil, you’re no stranger to loose pants. They instantly give you cool points, especially if they’re tailored properly to slightly hit the floor and cover your shoes just right. Pair this comfortable pant with a crop top and a cropped jacket to balance out the overflow of material on the bottom. If you’re feeling a little extra edgy, go for leather baggy pants that hug your ankles and keep the crops up top.
Graphic t-shirt. Who said New Year’s parties had to be super fancy? Wear your favorite graphic t-shirt and throw on a blazer along with some tuxedo pants and call it a night. You can choose to go with either sexy ankle strap heels to add a feminine touch or go all out boyish and go for loafers. Keep the makeup simple but wear a pop of color, like red, on your lips.

To see more looks, tune in to the videos!
(Cover image: fashionvibe)