All skins are not created equal so there’s no one exfoliating product that will work the same on everybody’s skin. While some women have dry, flaky patches others have extremely sensitive skin that turns red as soon as it’s touched so finding the right exfoliator is a matter of finding one that suits your skin the best. As we’ve mentioned before, exfoliating is the key to youthful glowing skin because it removes the dead skin cells and reveals new skin so it’s necessary to do so twice a week. If you’re not quite sure what will work best for skin, we have a few tips on what you should look for when shopping for the best exfoliator for your skin type.


Dry skin. This type of skin can look the dullest of them all since it’s already lacking moisture and on top needs exfoliation. Any cream exfoliator with circle beads (to prevent damage) will be best as it will deliver moisture while removing the dead skin cells. The Clarasonic Mia works wonders as well so a good tip is to add a moisturizing face mask to the brush to get deep moisturization while exfoliating the dead skin away.

Sensitive skin. Oatmeal is your skin’s best friend when your skin needs to be exfoliated but turns beet red in an instant. The oatmeal soothes your skin while removing dead skin cells so try this out at home. Just combine some organic milk and oatmeal and you have your very own natural exfoliater.

Oily Skin. Chemical peels are the way to go if you have acne-prone skin as well because they eliminate shine and create a smooth surface for more youthful looking skin. Make your own at home by combining a few cubes of papaya and pineapple and mashing them together.

Keep these suggestions in mind next time you’re searching for a new exfoliator to get the best one for your skin type.