So you bought a pair of Yeezys after its release from sportwear mogul and rapper Kanye West for a whooping sum of $1100 but you wore it like five times and then it gets super dirty. After a muddy experience so you are thinking “let me put it in the bin it has probably lasted its time.”

Well, wait a minute because that dirty no use Yeezys could become as clean as new. All You need are water, dish washing liquid, hard brush, laundry detergent ,white bleach, hydrogen peroxide, driplock, acetone paint, adhesive tape, polythene and hair dryer with a little bit of washing experience for your Yeezys to go back to being clean. Here is how to go about it.

1. Remove the solepads from the shoes, separate them and get ready to wash.

2. Fill a bucket with water and add a few drops of your dishwashing liquid cleaner, then drop the shoes along with the soles in the bucket and wash with a brush till it becomes clean.

3. Take shoes and rinse, it is time to use the liquid detergent just drop some on the shoes and brush vigorously.

4. After rinsing, it is time to focus on the soles. Take out your white bleach mixed with hydrogen peroxide, pour them on the soles and clean with a toothbrush. After, drop them in a freezer for a while.

5. Bring them out the

cover the upper part of the shoes with adhesive tapes and polythene nylon so paint from the spray doesn’t touch them.

6. Fill your paint spray with matching acetone paint for the soles, go ahead to spray them generously then dry with an hair dryer.
Wait for a while and you have your shoes as good as new.