Oh Coco! The 2000s “it” girl has been publicly making her rounds at fashion, and even got a taste of the social media spotlight when her daughter decided that she would walk the runway. While a new “it” regime has swept the catwalks this decade, the supermodel has gracefully transitioned her career into teaching budding talent at her own modeling school, Coco Rocha Modeling Academy in New York.

During Coco’s four day masterclass, mentorees will undergo a portfolio review, personal branding seminar, and have an open forum discussion with Coco on the expectations and realities of the fashion industry. The next gen models also have runway and pose training from the master herself Coco, who’s near supernatural ability to move made her the most sought out model of her day.

The camp culminates to a fashion photoshoot complete with a glam squad, where models can show off their new found skills. Seriously though, am I too old to sign up?

Coco started the academy because she wanted to empower young models and make a difference in the industry. In her interview with Stylecaster the model turned coach, stated that she wanted to create the kind of mentor that she didn’t have, and to help her students stay away from the pressures and the negatives of the dark side of the industry.