If there’s one area that is often forgotten in terms of proper anti-ageing skincare, it’s definitely the neck and chest area. We apply numerous amounts of products to our face like creams, oils, and serums but often forget to bring it down a bit. Unfortunately, many women decide to skip the thin area that is the chest and neck and regret it deeply later on in life because by then, going under the knife will most likely be the only option left.

The neck and chest area have some of the thinnest skin on our bodies so a separate cream or serum is needed, just like the under eye area. The neck produces significantly less oils and doesn’t have as many sebaceous glands making it an area that can easily become dry, wrinkled, and saggy. However, with the proper skincare and our easy tips, you can keep your neck and chest area looking younger and firmer for longer.

Moisturize. This is a given but finding the proper moisturizer is crucial. Because this area is drier, it needs a heavier moisturizer than your face. Look for products that contain Retinol to smooth out any lines and promote firmer skin by building the elastin in the skin.

Apply the moisturizer in an upward motion. Gravity is constantly pulling your skin down so there’s no reason why you should do this when applying your moisturizer as well. Apply it upwards rather than downwards to prevent unnecessary sagging and in outward circular motions rather than inner motions as well.

Daily SPF of at least 30. SPF should be a staple in your routine to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. Just like you apply SPF on your face, your face and chest also get sun so don’t skip out on this area as it’s likely to get more incidental sun exposure that can accumulate over time and create irreversible sun damage.

Neck massage. Tone up your neck area by massaging it a few times a week. Lay down on a flat surface and take both of your index and middle fingers and place them on the sides of your throat. Start at the bottom and make your way up. Repeat this for the rest of the neck. Use some of your neck moisturizer to prevent any unnecessary pulling.

Try these tips to maintain the youthful skin you already have or to prevent any further aging or sagging.

(Cover image: GQ)