It’s officially summer time and time to get in style. Trending now is the look everyone is dying to try but just cant seem to perfect. But, have no fear because it’s simple and easy!

All you need is three products a spray wax, a wax palmade and a super strong hold hairspray. So, to begin you have to prep hair with spray wax. This is wear your basically use wax instead of water to get the hair really gritty.
You want to focus on getting the product all throughout the top and leaving the bottom half clean and fresh. Following this you want to comb hair back with bristle brush.
Your going to want to take you hand and run it through the sides super tight and slicked back and out a little ponytail underneath it. Then, drop the hair on top and have it all cascade over.
Now is the time you want to get out the wax pomade. You want to put it in your hands and rub your hands together so that it gets really hot.
Getting all the hairs around the hairline is really key to polishing the look. Run the brush through one more time and spray away with your strong hold hair spray.