Watching a marathon of Gilmore Girls last night seemed like a fantastic idea until you woke up in the morning with panda eyes (not the cute kind). Your face most likely looks drained and the deep darkness under your eyes seem like they fit in with the Halloween season but don’t necessarily appeal to those around you. You think you have it all covered by dabbing a bit of concealer directly underneath the eye, but, do you really think that’s it? Does the area really look less dark and tired overall?

If you need to make yourself look more awake but not sure if you’re doing it right, follow these steps for a less tired looking face.


Less is more. By now, we trust that you already have a good salmon colored corrector and a concealer that matches your skin just right. Dab a bit of corrector with your ring finger underneath the eye area, especially where the darkness is more prominent. Apply in thin layers because if it cakes, it will do the exact opposite of making you look less tired. Also, don’t take it all the way to the outer corners of the eyes as this can make your eyes look smaller.

Corrector on the cheekbones. This is the most important part of brightening up the under eye area. Sure, you can use a concealer a shade lighter but the difference between the corrector and the concealer will be very obvious. Instead, use the same corrector on the cheekbones to reflect the same shade of brightness in the area. Use your fingers in a tapping motion to really blend any edges and make it look more natural.

Don’t forget your inner corners. Apply a bit of the same corrector on the inner corners of the eyes for extra light in the area. If your lids need correcting, feel free to apply a thin layer of corrector there as well.
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