Sometimes when you want a little definition on the roots of your lashes, eye shadow tends to do the trick. It gives the roots just enough color so that your lashes look fuller. Unfortunately eye shadow doesn’t last all day and if you’ve got oily lids, you’ll most likely lose the color within a couple of hours.

The solution? Reinforcing that eye shadow with waterproof eyeliner. Try this simple tutorial to get your eyeliner to last all day.

Step 1: Dot a waterproof eyeliner along the lash line and quickly connect them by using an eyeliner brush. You can smudge it if you want but use a liner brush for a neater line.

Step 2: Apply some of the eye shadow you usually use for lining directly on top of the line you just created with the waterproof liner. The powder will stick to the liner so be sure to work as quick as possible so it doesn’t dry completely before you apply the shadow.

Step 3: With the remaining color on the brush, wiggle it into your bottom lash line for extra definition. This step is optional but it completes the look.

Step 4: If you have oily skin, apply translucent powder around the eye area to avoid any transfer.

To see how it’s done, check out the video tutorial!