Oriental fashion has been influencing the 2012 runways this year and like all great trends, this one is about an infusion of Eastern and Western fashion sensibilities.  When Westerners envision Eastern Oriental fashion pieces they may focus mainly on silk dresses, mandarin collars and the overall Geisha inspired looks.  But the fall of 2012 styles have looked past the typical interpretation of Oriental fashion and dug deeper to produce a rather lovely modern East meets West fashion fusion. The latest Eastern fashion inspirations have yielded everything from opulent prints that clash and complement each other, as well as, mandarin collar shirts and jackets with modern updates like fur and intricate embroidery.

When choosing an Oriental inspired outfit, the key is not to be overly literal and take into account the overall spirit of the style.  For a casual Eastern influenced outfit try pairing a nude tone kimono wrap dress with a mandarin collar jacket or over shirt. Finish off your look with a silk sash as a belt.  For a more formal look, opt for an opulently embroidered dress with Kabuki inspired shoes. Complete your look with a faux fur clutch bag.


Try The Trend Tips

Ready to let the Orient influence some of your fashion choices, well here are a few tips to help you master this fashion trend.

Consider accessories to start, before making the investment in a bunch of oriental inspired clothing try a few simple accessories to start with. Like a carved jade pendent necklace, Oriental print handbag or tassel earrings.

Avoid pairing Oriental patterns with jeans, for some reason jeans and Eastern Oriental fashion look awkward together, instead opt for leggings for a casual outfit or wide leg trousers for a more formal affair.

Don’t forget about your hair, if you want to channel your inner Eastern diva than consider pulling your hair back into a low bun and adding a fresh orchid flower as an add-on. This look is daring, but when done properly is stunning and chic.