We’re always looking for ways to make our eyes appear bigger and brighter than they may seem…and with a little touch here and a little dab there makeup can work wonders and will be sure to do the trick!

The first tip is to use an eyelash curler. Really anyone can benefit from this. Next, you’re going to want to put a warm and smooth eye shadow on…slightly warmer than your own skin tone would be ideal. This will help make your eyes look a lot wider.

If you want to make your eye color really pop a little bit more than normal is a general rule for shades. If you have light blue eyes, you want to go with something bronze or brown. If you have green eyes, purple looks great and for brown eyes, you should go for blues.

Now to add definition into your crease you are going to want to go for a much darker shade. This will 100% help define your eyes and make them really shine! Next, you want to add highlighter to the corner of your eyes and right under your brow.

Then, you’re going to want to bring out your lash line with liner. For this, you are going to want to use a darker liner at the top and a nude color on your bottom lid. A final touch of highlighter in the center of your lid is key for perfecting this look.

And last but not least, we give you permission to go ahead and go crazy on your mascara and add some concealer under your eyes!