Everyone has probably used a classic nail file a few times in their life. Once your nail file seems to be worn out, you probably throw it away right?

Nail files are great because you can shape your nails however you desire, and they don’t damage your nails like some harsh drills and cutters do. Easy to bring with you on the go, just stick them in your purse if you’re having a nail crisis, and your file will be there for you!

Here is some shocking information about the files that come in assortments of shapes and sizes. You probably didn’t know this, but that first layer on your nail file is actually supposed to be peeled off, because it’s made in layers.

Once you peel off the top layer, it will reveal a new file underneath it. It’s really six fingernail files in one, and who would have known we were all using the simple tool wrong all along?

If you were just throwing your nail files away, now you know how to expand its lifetime and get the most use out of it. Now your nail file will last longer than ever!