Chunky sweaters and knits are the piece most of us look forward to wearing when the fall and winter months come around. They’re comfy, super warm, and can be dressed up for both day and night, work and play. It also takes out the trouble of deciding what to wear on your upper half which is pretty welcomed when you’re short on time.


Want to know how you can dress up this comfy fall piece? Check out these three way of wearing a chunky sweater.

Leather pants. Chunky sweaters are super soft so going the opposite on the bottom makes for a good pairing. Try wearing leather pants to give a whole different vibe to the sweater and pair some high heels to complete the look.

Feminine skirt. So the chunky sweater isn’t the most flattering on figures and not incredibly feminine but there are ways to fix that. Pair a slightly fluted skirt or try a body hugging pencil skirt a la Kim Kardashian so that your body doesn’t get lost in that big sweater.

Go comfy with jeans or jeggings. Don’t think about it too much: a big chunky sweater looks amazing with skinny jeans and some chucks or New Balance sneakers in a solid color. But if you live in those pointed black heels, don’t be afraid to throw them on as well.

To see more examples of how to wear a chunky sweater, check out the videos!