What was once considered a fashion faux pas, and maybe something you would only see on an older guy with a bad toupee, is now one of this season’s biggest trends: socks and sandals.

This interesting pairing isn’t a new trend as it’s been seen in the past but it peaked its head out again for the Spring 2014 runways. Some of the designers that included this trend in their Spring 2014 collections are Creatures of the Wind, Band of Outsiders, and Vivienne Tam.

The trend started out as mostly socks paired with Birkenstock-style sandals, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were among the first famous people who wore the trend. Currently, it has gotten so increasingly popular that we’re no longer restricted to just sandals; heels, loafers, and flats are getting an equal opportunity.

Paris Fashion Week 2014 saw more of this trend as show attendees and models alike decided to give it try. New York’s “it” model at the moment, Soo Joo Park, was spotted wearing a colorful dress with some slouchy white socks and black and white heels. Because she paired it perfectly with a beanie and biker jacket, this trend looked incredibly cool.

If you’re a daring fashion soul, this trend is something you should definitely at least try once. Don’t just pair any old socks that you have laying around with your favorite heels as this trend is incredibly easy to mess up. Opt for socks and sandals within the same color family if you want to try it first; after you get comfortable you can go on to bearing bolder colors or making a contrast between solids and prints.


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