When it comes pulling off a perfect matte red lip at all times of the day, Rihanna can show us a thing or two. She’s often seen sporting red lips whether she’s running errands in the morning or attending a Dior fashion show in the evening. So how does she do it?

The makeup artists behind her best looks, Mylah Morales, shows you how you can recreate this look at home.

Step 1. Conceal under your eyes. Do this by using a concealer one or two shades lighter than your own skin tone to provide brightness in that area.

Step 2. Apply foundation and powder. The key to a clean red lip look starts with your skin so cover up all imperfections with a medium to high coverage foundation. Foundation sticks work particularly well for this specific look. Powder your oily parts like the t-zone for a matte finish.

Step 3. Contour lightly to slim the face and provide some warmth.

Step 4. Using a slightly damp eyeshadow brush, dip it in to a gold shimmery shade. Pat it all over both lids, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara, and create a simple cat eye. Now you’re done with the eyes.

Step 5. For the lips, start by lining and filling them in with a red lip liner like MAC’s “REDD”. This will prevent the lipstick from running and will blind your own lip color. Then follow with Rihanna’s favorite red lip color, MAC’s “RUBY WOO”, all over the lips.

Step 6. Fill in your eyebrows like you normally would.

To see the tutorial, check out the video.

(Cover image: Saw First)