Jackie-O was a style icon back in the day . She set trends and was known for her chic and simple style. Most women married to the president of the United States would be known as the first lady, but she was known as a trendsetter who loved fashion. She has a timeless sense of style with most of her favorite pieces being popular items that remain today.

Being that the world had such an admiration for Jackie Kennedy as such a chic figure, it’s only right that we learn from her. The former first lady herself always had a sophisticated, unique, elegant look that she achieved in her own ways.

Although she was amazing with her fashion sense, she was also a beauty expert , and it’s only natural that we want to take her advice because she always kept herself looking so young! Part of her glowing skin was due to the fact that she used soap made out of minerals from the Dead Sea. You can exfoliate your skin with this without stripping your face of its natural oils.

She was also known for her signature scent. She wore “Lovely Patchouli 55” from the house of Krigler, a French perfume brand. If you like the smell of bergamot, patchouli, leather, and amber… than you should totally try out her signature scent!

Another thing is to always make sure your eyebrows look on fleek! Who knows, maybe she’s the one who invented this phrase. Her eyebrows were always a statement as they were arched, filled, and blended perfectly! Another beauty secret she made apparent was she would always throw a silk scarf around her head on a bad hair day. On days where you’re not feeling it, opt for a pair of over-sized sunglasses. Jackie always did that when she wasn’t in the mood to put a full face of makeup on, and we can’t blame her .

Make sure to always use moisturizer every single day. The former first lady herself always hydrated her skin. She used a repair cream by the dermatologist Erno Laszlo, you can still purchase his products today as well. Last but not least always treat lipstick like it is an accessory. Jackie was known for matching her outfit to her lipstick shade, they always made a statement! These tips and tricks will keep you looking as young as she did even in her late days.