We have seen very weird trends before, especially in this day and age. Ones we never thought we would ever try. But lately there have been some weird makeup trends this year. Here is the scoop on the weirdest products trending and unheard brands!

Bronzing Face Sheet Mask:
We all love a good tan, right? But how about a bronzing face sheet mask…? People use tanning foam all the time, but using a mask is something never heard of. You leave it on depending on how tan you desire to be.

Eyebrow Extensions:
Another thing that always is great to have ‘on fleek’ is your eyebrows. But how about long-lasting eyebrow extensions? It’s a little brush with glue and has hair attached to it… we aren’t sure if this product is a joke but it’s definitely odd so we will definitely stick to regular brow products.

Melting Lip Powder:
It comes in powder form and is supposed to turn into lipstick once you apply it like magic. You can also use it as a cheek stain It’s basically like a lip stain so if you want to try it, you have to love this one because it is supposed to stay on for a long time like semi-permanent makeup.

Eyeliner Strips:
It’s hard to master a perfect line so this sticker is supposed to make it easy. It’s basically a stamp you are supposed to shade in. This either looks like a fail or a miracle. And if you mess up on your eyeliner, there is another product that comes with an eraser.

Silicone Makeup Applicator:
This one is definitely different. It’s supposed to work like a beauty blender, except it is rubber and looks as if it is a fingerprint in appearance. The Photo Filter Gel Cushion Applicator is shaped at an angle where it’s supposed to get into every crease. The great thing about this products is that it won’t absorb all your makeup during application, for a flawless blend.

Whether you’re brave enough to try one of these out, these makeup products are odd but inventive!