You know what they say, another year another lesson. They also like to say another day, another lawsuit. In this case, it’s Kylie Jenner and her makeup company Kylie Cosmetics that’s being sued.

You’re probably asking, why would Jenner be sued over her makeup collection? Rumor has it, the billionaire allegedly is stealing the name for her new ‘Born To Sparkle’ glitter eyes product from another makeup line featured in her most-recent Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection.

Everyone loves Kylie cosmetics for Its amazing makeup products it has to offer. There’s always new and exciting launches and with her new birthday collection coming out, it’s all the rage! One of Kylie’s products named ‘Born To Sparkle’ eyeshadow or glitter eyes is allegedly copied from Sherre Cosmetics ‘Born To Sparkle’ product. The company states that using the same product name is confusing buyers to believe that they are buying the original product from us, when instead they are buying it from Jenner.

This is the first time Kylie Cosmetics is being sued either, the company also claims that some of the quotations and packaging used by Kylie cosmetics are the same that Sherre cosmetics uses!

What do you think, was it an honest mistake or was it inspiration taken a little too far?