Hip-hop artist, beauty icon and feminist, Lizzo is creating change through her music and positive messaging. Lizzo was born in Detroit, grew up in Houston and started her solo career in Minneapolis. Her whole journey has been about getting better and living her purpose. She believes that her music is meant to activate people for change. She is a feminist and identifies with feminism. Her heritage, ethnicity, femininity and blackness all embody what it means for her to be a feminist. She tours with all women who she described as being independent and fierce.

When they are on stage, they just do what they feel by representing all different types of women and body sizes. Everyone from her dancers, DJ, creative director, producers, tour managers, and herself are all living in feminism. They are living in women taking action instead of simply preaching it or trying to be it. They all try to lead by example. Lizzo is using her talents to bring awareness to the type of women that have been unseen and unheard. Lizzo feels that she is representing “all the fat black girls, the others and the marginalized people”.

All types of people come to her shows and she thinks it is important to find a common thread in order to all be a part of the group that is just not seen in mainstream media. She feels it’s refreshing for somebody to see that there is someone who represents the “weirdos out there who are doing it big”. She describes herself as loud, brassy and wacky; she wants to be a big golden bird. Lizzo now feels comfortable in her own skin and is OK with going out without make up on. She doesn’t need it to still feel like a “bad chick”.