Though we are only halfway through the year of 2018, this year has had some crazy beauty trends and people have really gone out of their comfort zone with makeup, hair, and more. Some of the craziest trends are somethings you could have never expected!

Rainbow Pastel Hair:
It is supposed to look as if your hair is a watercolor painting. It is usually dyed on a shiny, subtle, silver colored hair base. It is pretty astonishing looking, but we have to say it takes a super brave person to make this their hair color!

Neon Makeup:
People usually put a black makeup base where they want it to be neon, and then add the color. Say you are doing your lips, after the black base and the color is applied you would then go in with a white eyeliner to trace the area. You can turn your lips into a neon sign!

Color Changing Beauty:
The web basically went crazy when a beauty brand decided to release a color changing makeup shade! It changes from a green, to a gold, to a purple, it is truly magic.

Corkscrew Nail:
This nail trend truly has us wondering if people have lost their tools! The one thing you can do with these nails is open a wine bottle, but everyday life would be challenging with these nails.

Gold Chain Goddess Cat-Eye:
James Mallory, a makeup artist, came out with a chainmail, gold goddess eye look. If you are going to try out this look it would take lots of glue and patience.

Fake Freckles:
This one is definitely cute if you want to look naturally sun kissed. You can make it look completely natural by first taking a light brown eyeliner and creating dots in the desired areas. You can then go over it with a skin colored powder to lock it in. Though there has been many crazy beauty trends this year, there are surely even more wild ones to come!

If you think these are wild check out the videos above for more.