(Photo Credit: KKW Beauty)

KKW Beauty collabs with Mario Dedivanoic

An artist and his muse will always be one of fashion’s favorite relationships. Recently, Kim Kardashian West and her long-time makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic have molded into this relationship in the form of a product collaboration.

Using her platform and successful makeup brand, KKW Beauty, Kim and Mario will be launching their second product collab all about #TheArtistAndMuse. The products will be a celebration of Kim’s signature looks.

In a sneak-peek video on Dedivanovic’s Instagram, the duo goes through all the new products and palettes that will be featured in the drop. However, the video was in al black and white so viewers were left begging for more details about the tins of unknown colors and powders for unknown uses.

The duo hasn’t confirmed what will be int eh drop and what exactly the products were in the video, but we can gather that there will be some eyeshadows, some face powders, and all the colors will be signatures rocked by Kim K.

“these are the key colors to create the look of Kim,” Dedivanovic says about the product launch. He explains that the process of creating the products was entirely based on his and Kim’s go-to’s and tried and true favorites.

After deciding on the tones, the duo created their own versions with the exact consistency and shading that they wanted. There are no hard details on when the launch will drop, but we are confident that the two will let us know with plenty of time to prepare, freak out, and prepare some more.