Breakouts happen to everyone at one point or another and are most likely to pop-up during stressful times in your life or when your hormones are acting up. They’re noticeable, they hurt, and if you happen to pop it, say hello to a brand new scar that won’t be leaving any time soon. Needless to say, we all really dislike getting them.

The problem with breakouts lies in how persistent they are. If you’re getting them way too often, there are also things you may be doing wrong that are causing breakouts. To aid in clearer skin, keep these tips in mind:


Don’t touch your face. At all. Not even once. Touching your face is one of the biggest reasons you get breakouts. Think about it: you touch everything with your hands like doorknobs, public tables, etc. and all of those things have bacteria that you’re transferring to your face if you touch it. You should remind yourself constantly that touching your face is a no-no unless your hands are squeaky clean.

Using the wrong moisturizer. If a moisturizer is too heavy for your skin, you’re going to breakout. Oily skins tend to go well with gels because they’re light weight and create a barrier so that oils stay at bay. Find a moisturizer that works for your skin and you’ll notice a big difference.

Blocked pores and dead skin. Your pores get blocked up often whether it’s sweat, dead skin, or even your environment so having a good clay and exfoliating mask will help a lot. Clay masks can be used up to 4 times a week if your skin is really oily and an exfoliator can be used 3-4 times depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

Never apply concealer on the pimple straight from the tube or bullet. Bacteria transfers very easily and if you’re applying concealer to your pimple directly from your product, you’re harboring bacteria that will cause pimples later on. Put some of your concealer on the top of your hand and apply with a brush or clean fingers.
(Cover image: Huffington Post)