(Photo Source: popculture.com)

KKW Goes Back To The 90s

Kim Kardashian West is back with her newest bout of entrepreneurship in the beauty industry, and this time it’s a 90s-inspired makeup line that Kim has unveiled to her endless fans.

Kim recently shared about her newest KKW Beauty collection on Instagram, unveiling her Matte Smoke and Matte Cocoa selections. She discussed in her post that she finds quite a bit of nostalgia for 90s-inspired looks when she thinks of this line. Within each of the two collections, shoppers will find “different color ranges of the same products and each will include two eyeshadow palettes, six lipsticks, six lip liners and five eyeliners.”

Kim, always going for a bit of extra, posed for promotional photos for the collection in the very iconic Versace bondage dress that was first worn by Donatella Versace in 1997. And to build the hype for her collection, she shared a set of 56 Post-It Notes with celebrities names on them. Each of the celebrities was popular in the 90s, and rumor has it, they received Kim’s new collection first.