Every girl usually has her go to makeup look for a night out that flatters her the best. Some love a thick cat eye with a bold bright lip while others love a smoky eye with a subtle nude lip and some girls like both. We love a simple smoky eye with a red lip when having a night out and today we’re going to show you how to achieve it.


To achieve the eye look using only 3 basic eye shadows, do the following:

1. After priming your eyes, apply a light shimmer shade (we like a champagne color) all over the lid stopping at the crease.

2. Take a dark brown and pat it on the outer part of the lid creating a “v” that starts on the outer part of the crease and ends at the out part of the lash line. Blend out the shadow to get that natural fade effect. Don’t forget to take the color on your bottom lashes for a smokier look.

3. You could stop here but if you like shimmer as much as we do, take a shimmery shade that’s a bit more dramatic than the one you used originally and tap it on the middle of the lid. This will give you a more 3D effect.

If you want even more drama, add a cat eyeliner but don’t make the wing too long as it can look overpowering. Apply your favorite red lipstick and you’re now ready for a night out on the town.