The layered jeans are the latest popular pop look emerging from that wild denim reign. This trending trendy style simply involves jeans appearing to have multiple layers or other pairs beneath it. You must have been seeing jean pairs having multiple pant legs, creating five pockets down each side or jeans with the layered waistband. The origin of this new trend has been traced to Rihanna who happened to rock this kind of denim in 2013. One of her collections with River Island did feature some layered jeans.

Slowly, the reign of the wild denim seems to be diminishing giving the layered jeans that fashion space it requires. And just like most fashion trends, layered jeans are highly customizable. After months of wild denim, the layered jeans is definitely a fashion forward and is here to stay.

We have brands jumping on board to make this layered jeans look unique. Brands like Sandro, Alexander Wang and Tortoise have been able to experiment with the double waistbands to give us that unique and distinct style.

However, what comes to me as a surprise is the amount of these layered jeans. The peculiar thing about these layered denim pants is that they are manufactured by high-end designers who would definitely sell them for high amounts per pair. I once came across Natasha Zinko’s layered waistband jeans being sold for $1095. The next I found was from Y/Project which sold at $515 a pair. I was intrigued. The least amount I was able to find on the net was Filomena Fernandez’s denim layered pants which sold for $365.

Nevertheless, these high prices have not deterred people from making purchases. But one thing I am sure that would happen is that fast-fashion outlets would jump on the trend and the prices would begin to drop a bit.