Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncan who is a well-known legend in the beauty industry started her makeup line way before having makeup brands became trendy. Since she launched her makeup brand “Mally Beauty” thirteen years ago it has become a big and successful enterprise.

Mally Roncal reveals how and where she keeps her beauty products. Roncal revealed that she keeps her beauty products in a lot of places in the house.

In her dressing area, she mentions how it is a space peculiar to her as she uses it when she needs to be alone or get inspiration for her works and products but right in her vanity are loads of beauty products ranging from hair care, makeup to skincare. She takes us through her skincare routine after mentioning how she uses a lot of makeup and skincare products including rosewater, serum, sun protection cream, her primer, and her brand’s dark eye corrector.

Then she reveals her kitchen is where she confesses all her product development happens. She explains that being a mom comes with a lot of responsibility so it was much easier to have her personal makeup stash in the kitchen cabinets.

In her home office, it has the largest beauty stash in the house with sets of eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, sponges, foundations, more hair, and skin products. She gives a sneak peek to her upcoming spring 2019 collection and her collaboration product with Rupaul named the Rupalette.