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Kylie Cosmetics partners up with French designer Balmain

It seems that every other week Kylie Cosmetics is partnering or collaborating with a different sister for a different birthday, product launch, or simply just because. However, she had not previously warmed to the idea of collaboration outside of the family, until now.

The most recent installment of partnerships for Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line is quite possibly the most impressive and exciting yet, a collab with Balmain.

It’s no secret that Kylie has a slight obsession with Balmain, just head to her Instagram to see loads of purses and shoes from the iconic designer, as well as multiple red carpet looks. Now, the obsession is mutual, as Jenner was named the artistic director for the Spring/Summer 2020 Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week.

(Photo Credit: Kylie Cosmetics)

Not only will all the models be wearing Kylie Cosmetics, but they will also be modeling a new collaboration line between the two. The capsule collection will feature an ultra-shine lip gloss, two matte lip kits, and an eyeshadow palette.

The fashion designer behind Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, has been creating looks for Kylie for years. Her pale pink jumpsuit at the 2019 Grammy’s and the matching outfits she and Kendall Jenner wore for the 2016 Met Gala, along with multiple other high-profile events, were all designed by Olivier. Coming full circle, she will now be designing something for him.