Michael Kors is not new in the fashion and technology design game, the accessories fashion house recently released another smartwatch Access Runway after its debut with Access Sofie. Contrary to the blings that came with Access Sophie, the Access runway is a more minimal and toned option.

The watch comes in various finish and options; silver, gold and rose gold finish with silicon or metal bracelets options. It is therefore perfect for professional looks or outfits, it has very slim bracelets links and a polished look, as opposed to being worn only by women men could also wear it especially for meetings or professional gatherings.

It is quite obvious that the design pushes towards being fashionable and connected to the world, the watch face is not bulky or wide faced as other smartwatches are but sleek and compact. This watch does not perfectly fit into sport or fitness settings it would be quite useless to wear it to a gym unless you swap the stainless sweep bracelet links for silicon straps.

Technology wise, the three buttons by the side of the watch face is a win, the first button is for changing the face of the watch at any time, you can access your Facebook and Instagram account so it would be easy to use your favorite pictures for your watch face. The middle button is to access your applications, and a turn of the button gives a scrolling display of your applications while the bottom button gives you access to google fit.

Access runaway comes with the latest version of wear 2.1 and an incredible display unit which provides vivid and bright colors. It would be a perfect watch for someone who likes pretty things and functional technology, it would make a perfect gift for classy fashionable women.