(Photo Credit: Jason Bean/The Reno Gazette-Journal via AP)

Miss USA Teaches Women That If You Look Good, You Feel Good

The Miss USA pageant showcases some of the most generous, intelligent, and empowering women from across the nation. And this year’s winner, Cheslie Kryst, is in keeping with the finest traditions of the pageant.

The goal of the Miss USA pageant is to empower and inspire women through shared experience, all while building self-confidence. Each year, thousands of women compete from every state across the nation, for the chance to be crowned Miss USA. As newly crowned Miss USA, Cheslie has tackled something that is near and dear to her heart.

Going through law school, Cheslie recalls a time when she couldn’t afford the proper clothes and didn’t even really know where to begin with professional attire. She would go on to be successful in law school but Cheslie didn’t want other women to have to struggle as she did.

To combat this, Cheslie started a blog and began volunteering with Dress For Success to help low-income women with clothing resources for job interviews and the workplace. With all of the issues that women face, proper dress and attire for the workplace shouldn’t have to be one of them. And Miss USA Cheslie Kryst is doing her part to provide women with the confidence needed to achieve their goals.