Do you smell lemons? Maybe she was born with it, maybe it’s…well, no actually, it’s a scented eyeshadow! Just in time for Spring, Maybelline released an eyeshadow pallet that has a light lemon scent, marking the first time the company added a fragrance to their shadow line. It got us wondering…would you rock it?

Seldom do people get close enough to your eyes that they could smell it, but who knows…maybe you want that special someone to enjoy the wonderful fragrance of your eyelids? All jokes aside, the makeup mogul came out with the Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette. It pairs well with the trendy, bright lemon eyeshadow in the makeup palette.

But the best part isn’t even the smell, it’s the adorable names for the different shades that make us think of warm summer days. The names include sherbet, ice pop and citrus. Maybelline is not the first makeup company to release a fragrance-filled line. Other brands like Too Faced and Glow Recipe offer scents like peach, watermelon and chocolate palettes.