The fashion world is changing for the better with new concepts for using materials that would otherwise be waste, into a purposeful item and is recyclable. These new developments for material are leading to a more sustainable future for fashion.

A non-profit group, Healthy Seas, announced the start of their new “Waste To Wear” project to collect fishing nets to be recycled into nylon yarn. This NGO is celebrating World Ocean Day on June 8 they will be live-streaming a removal operation off the Greek island of Santorini.

The application of using ocean debris for recycled clothing has shown success with brands including Adidas and Stella McCartney. Adidas released a line of sneakers that were made of post-consumer plastic sea waste, selling 1 million as of March.

Adidas partnered with Parley Ocean School to create three new versions of the UltraBoost shoe by Adidas, each pair of shoes being made from 11 plastic bottles. Their goal is to bring awareness to the ocean pollution crisis while contributing to the elimination of plastic waste from the ocean.

Adidas Parley Sneakers

The Girlfriend Collective makes fashion leggings with material from 25 recycled water bottles in each pair. Using clear water bottle and several heating processes to create thread for the leggings. The plastic used is BPA-free and the company uses ethical practices ensuring a quality product.

They practice fair-trade and use natural dyes, offering only leggings at the moment. The Girl Friend Collective is looking to offer more athletic wear pieces and new designs.

Girlfriend Collective Leggings

Allbirds offers light-wight comfortable sustainable shoes, made with natural and recycled materials. They use super fine Merino wool with laces made from recycled water bottles, also offering post-consumer cardboard packaging.

Allbirds Shoes

The United Nations estimates there are over 640,000 tons of fishing nets in our oceans, accounting for 10 percent of plastic sea waste. These solutions can help to eliminate further waste through post-consumer and recycled products.

Check out the video above for more on these awesome sustainable fashion solutions.