If you have oily skin you know that this could be a blessing and a curse at the same time. For starters, having that beautiful dewy and moisturized look is literally effortless because your face will do all of the work but it can turn bad when it turns into an oily mess.

There a handful of reasons why your face can be producing so many oils but basic and proper skincare can help keep your oils from resurfacing alongside some basic makeup products as well. Here are a few tips and products we recommend:

1. A proper moisturizer is the first step. Stick with gel or gel-crème moisturizers because your skin is already producing enough of its moisture. We like Shiseido’s “Pureness” moisturizer.

2. Blotting papers are essential. Clean and Clear makes a great blotting paper because it removes the oil without moving your makeup.

3. Use a toner that’s oil-free; alcohol dries out your skin making the skin produce even more oils. We like Amore Pacific’s Mamonde “Rose Water Toner”.

4. Hide your pores and expression lines with a good primer. Make Up For Ever has a primer called “ALL MAT” that will keep your oils at bay whilst giving you a perfect canvas to work on.

Watch the video to learn about more products for your oily skin!