Summer is all about trying new things, and Instagram has recently been flooded with popular personalities donning dyed hair. From neon pink, to deep-rooted reds, and some people even doing a whole rainbow mashup, colored hair seems to be the trend of 2018. Here are some of the best tips and brands for giving you an indie-style dye that’s permanent enough to last through the next few months.

According to Allure, the three best brands for dying hair are Pulp Riot, Arctic Fox, and Trillion Tones. These are temporary, indie companies that are guaranteed to give you the glow you’re looking for without causing permanent damage or discoloration. Arctic Fox is specifically a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free option, if that’s what you’re looking for in a product. Meanwhile, Trillion Tones allows you to mix 16 base tones to create your own personalized coloration. If you’re looking for a mashup of all your favorite colors, this is probably the brand you want to lean towards.

Another option for getting the rainbow hair look before it disappears below the clouds is by getting rainbow box braids, or a rainbow wig for the right festival occasion just to try it out and see if you love the look or not. Finally, one of the most popular hair colors of 2018 is rainbow roots, so if you want to get just a taste of the coloration satisfaction, considering going straight to this option while keeping your ends their natural color.