When people are known by large groups of people, there are bound to be rumors spread around. Of course, you can’t always trust everything you hear. Especially with the royal family, it’s like a game of telephone. Many of these conspiracy theories people do actually believe, and here’s the ones you can squash right now.

Something totally outdated that people have come up with is that the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was a part of a plot by the British so that they could gain control over America. It was started by Greg Pollowitz, an editor of the website Twitchy. He uploaded to twitter the day of their engagement saying “The couple’s kids will be American, what if one ends up being the president” … of course it’s completely absurd.

Another royal theory is that princess Margaret was romantically involved with a boy younger than her. It is completely bonkers because the man came forward claiming he was the love child, Richard Brown. He reportedly spent thousands of dollars just to try to prove the theory!

Another crazy conspiracy theory is that prince Charles and princess Diana had a secret daughter. People believe the daughter was conceived with IVE, and was born before Prince William. Supposedly a gynecologist had his own wife carry the child and they named the baby Sarah. It doesn’t make much sense, but some people actually believe it.

Could Kate Middleton of used a surrogate? A few claim that she wore a fake bump. The crazy rumors started to circulate after Kate gave birth to princess Charlotte. Only because the duchess looked amazing hours after birthing the princess. It was most likely due to the fact that she had a makeup and hair team prep her before leaving.

Some say that Prince Harry isn’t prince Charles son. There have been plenty of rumors that Harry’s father is actually James Hewitt, the man princess Diana had an affair with. Eventually revealed that he was not Harry’s father… so luckily those rumors were squashed.

Lastly, the rumor that Kate Middleton and Beyoncé have a feud. All because of the third pregnancy of Kate Middleton and prince William being announced on Beyoncé’s birthday. It is very unlikely that Beyoncé was upset, though social media is convinced. Some rumors are just too crazy to be true!