You Might Want To Up Your Beauty Game With These Crazy Beauty Products

A set of twin moms, Jane and Jeanine, are back again trying out bizarre beauty products for both our entertainment and our knowledge. The products were sent into a news channel, Daybreak, specifically for this purpose, but also to share with consumers as to whether or not the products advertised to us online, for example, are worth your money.

Some items used in this experiment truly are bizarre. From magnetic eyelashes and how easy or difficult they are to use (hint: they aren’t that easy) to Yoga Toes on Amazon, these items are worth taking a look at.

The magnetic lashes seemed to have issues both with the application and with staying on, causing them to not recommend these for others. The Yoga Toes, however, proved to be therapeutic and comfortable after a long day of wearing heels or of simply being on your feet. Jane and Jeanine recommended putting them in the fridge or the freezer for extra comfort and relief while wearing them.

For a better look at some of the strange and unique products used by these women, take a look a the video above. It’s sure to be entertaining and insightful. Have you tried any beauty products you think are strange or unique?