Sheer shirts are everywhere this year, celebrities like Mila Kunis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and Whitney Port all favor this super sexy style. Sheer tops are romantic, soft and feminine, as well as super sexy and revealing.  We love how they can be dressed up to go with the fanciest of outfits, or dressed down to be paired with jeans and sneakers. You could opt to keep the look modest and add a tank or camisole under your sheer shirt, or you could go for a sexy and daring look by only wearing a  bra or tube top underneath.  No matter how you decided to rock this trend, just be sure to keep the rest of your look classy and understated, and you’ll be able to master this style in no time.

If you want to opt for a super modest way to rock this look we suggesting pairing your sheer top with something that has a lot of coverage underneath it like a solid color tank top that matches the hue of your sheer shirt, or you could then decide to add a cardigan or jacket to your ensemble. If you do choose to opt for the more revealing sheer shirt style then we suggest opting for a nude colored camisole that will seem to disappear underneath your sheer shirt, or you could simply go with a flesh tones bra if you’re feeling really bold.

Try The Trend Tips
The sheer shirt trend can be a little daunting to try, but with a few key styling tips you’ll be able to master it in no time.

Try wearing your sheer shirt over a strapless casual dress, sheer shirts are great for layering and functionality wise you may be glad to have a little something extra over your shoulders on a breezy day.

If you want to rock the sheer style without going for an all sheer shirt, than think about opting for a shirt with only sheer sleeves or a sheer back. You’ll still be able to get all the style perks of the sheer style but with minimal exposure.