Have you ever heard of glittery hair mousse? IGK just released a holographic hair mousse, and people are going crazy about it!

It’s a shade shifting glitter packed foam, that changes your hair based on the lighting. It’s like that color changing nail polish and that hair mascara that you loved when you were little.

To use the holographic hair mousse, you are supposed to dispense a small amount into your hands and scrunch it into your hair for a subtle shimmery effect. You want to use a swiping motion on the areas of your hair that you want to look holographic.

It’s basically temporary hair color, so it’s recommended that you wash your hands after use. Since it’s foam, it feels like a weird texture at first… so you definitely have to be careful when applying it and a brush is recommended.

You can the holographic effect on all hair colors (based on your color shade) with colors ranging from turquoise to violet. Though you might not want to put it on your hair every day, it’s great for fun events like festivals and costume parties.

If you want to feel like a mythical unicorn, then trying out this holographic hair mousse for a fun look might be the way to go!