For a lot of girls out there, Halloween is that exciting time of the year when haunted houses and pop-up costume stores flourish and candy corn fills the air and they love it. Planning out that perfect costume takes up every day dream until 31st of the month and that’s cool and all but for us scaredy cats, we tend to skip out. Or maybe until now.

Sure, Halloween may not be your thing either but there are subtle ways to be in the loop without making yourself a target of a scary prank at the office and black nails are the perfect thing to do. Check this simple matte black French manicure to dress up your nails for Halloween.


You’ll need the following items:
Black nail polish
Matte top coat (we have a DIY here if you don’t have any)
French manicure strips
Shiny top coat
Halloween nail stickers (optional)

Now for the steps:

Step 1. Apply a base coat to the nails. Wait until it dries.

Step 2. Apply 2 coats of black nail polish. Be sure to have a steady hand as black varnish can be messy and you want the manicure to have clean edges.

Step 3. Once the black polish has dried, you can apply the matte polish. Wait for it to dry.

Step 4. Take the French manicure strips and place them slightly below the desired tip length and proceed with applying the shiny top coat to the tips. Before the polish completely dries, take the strips off.

Step 5. This step is completely optional but if you can add a nail sticker of a pumpkin or cute ghost to one nail on each side for just a little something extra.
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