Mastering the art of the perfect bun is quite difficult for most of us, especially if your hair is on the shorter side. It can be a tedious task causing frustration and worst of all, tired arms. The messy bun, on the other hand, is a lifesaver as it’s so much easier and works best when you aren’t quite sure what to do with second and third day hair.

If you want to create your own messy bun with half of the hassle, try out this simple messy bun tutorial.

You’ll need:

1. Hair ties
2. Some bobby pins
3. Volumizing spray
4. A hair brush for teasing

Now follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Divide your hair in half (from ear to ear) and create a low ponytail with the bottom half. This will be where your bun will be placed so place it wherever you’d like.

Step 2. Spray the top half of the hair with some volumizing spray and tease the back part of the hair. You want to create some volume while still looking a bit messy so it don’t worry about it being perfect. It’s a messy bun, after all.

Step 3. Now that you have some funky teased hair, pull the hair back with your fingers, almost letting it fall back to where the lower ponytail is. Take another hair tie and make another ponytail and include the other one as well.

Step 4. Take the now big ponytail and divide the hair in 2 sections. Wrap the sections around each other.

Step 5. Lastly, wrap the twisted ponytail around in a bun and pin it down with some bobby pins.

Finish off with a bit of hairspray and voila! You now have a perfect messy bun.

Check out the video for a step by step tutorial on how this bun is done.


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